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Becoming a mindful fashion lover

Updated: Apr 20

What is the meaning of mindfulness? To become mindful means to become more aware, of our body, our actions and our surroundings. And for the past years this has become a way of life. More people are approaching their lives in a more conscious and responsible way.

Mindful vs Mindless

We have all been guilty of purchasing things we don’t need, items that are neither our style or flattering just because they are on sale. Or even bought things just to use once, for a special occasion or event. This might have been cool in the 90’s where using a dress twice wasn’t fashionable, but our reality has changed dramatically in the past years. We seriously need to stop as this goes against everything mindful living represents and we are often stuck with items that aren’t actually special to us and will end up in landfills.

I am a strong believer that mindfulness in fashion is as important as mindfulness in every other aspect of our life. So, here is a guide to help you master the art of mindful fashion love.

Enjoying the shopping process

Feeling the fabric, checking the label, making sure the quality is worth the price, and taking time in the dressing rooms to really look at yourself.

If all of these are positive, off you go. If not, move on in search for that item that ticks all the boxes needed to enter your life. It is important to know that It’s not just a sewn piece of fabric; it’s a garment that will speak for you and represent who you are, so it needs to be worth it.

There are a lot of movements in the fashion industry to encourage sustainable fashion and a circular economy that considers not only the sourcing of raw materials and manufacturing, but recycling textiles after use. However, as consumers, we need to take our share of responsibility and be knowledgeable when entering a store and choosing garments.

If you follow the rules of quality, fit, sustainability, timelessness and keep the rest of your wardrobe in mind, you will have mastered the art of mindful shopping.

Choose local

In the spirit of sustainability and conscientious shopping, don’t get tied up purchasing only in fast-fashion chains or even high-end stores. There are tons of young and talented artists in your country, so scout them out and show some love for local art and craftsmanship. After all, small companies produce less waste than large corporations, so you’ll be helping the planet as well. At the end is good to know where your clothes come from.

Now you know that being a mindful fashion lover doesn’t require sacrifice, but it does demand a bit more knowledge and empathy. So adopt these rules and remember… great style does not have to come at the expense of our environment.

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